Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy Holidays 2009

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and are gearing up for a "New Year" this weekend!
We sure are enjoying this time of year! Sebastian is lucky to have a 2wk vacation! We've been real lazy around here! With Christmas,Colds,(kylan Diarrhea for 5 days!)and lots of food. I don't know how we already have the tree and stuff down and put away!

This year we stayed at home by ourselves, with buying a new car,traveling was not in our budget this year! I thought I'd be so sad with out any of my family, and out traditions, but it really was quite nice to have our own time alone!
Though i did add in our "maynes tradition" of having "fin and haddy" (fish and hash browns) for breakfast! Not the same but still good! Sebastian is still getting use to that one! :)

Sebastian's Buddy and their family were so kind to invite us over for dinner, and play games. It was so much fun, we had a really great day!

Kylan's 3rd Christmas at 2yrs. was fun, started off with time-out! then had fun opening all this gifts! (which we had to help or we'd be here all day!) :)

What a great 2009 year.. and So excited for what 2010 will being our family!

Here are some pic's... I've been trying new/diff tech. with Paint Shop Pro!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Our Christmas Tree 2009

Hello Family and Friends!

Here are some picture's of our tree and my Peacock ornament I got this year! I truly love it..Its so pretty. I've always loved the colors of peacocks and admired there beauty, but it wasn't until I've been helping my sis with some wedding stuff that i was all the sudden obsessed lately! and it the colors happen to match my tree!
So it was only natural that I take a photo of the pretty peacock!
and then I'm also obsessed with my Corel Paint Shop ProX2 program!
I also took some up close photos of the tail that i am going to frame a few of them. To help add some color to our cream walls! (renting walls)

Yes are tree is only 6ft tall!!

Oh and three of those gifts are empty boxes! Because 1st I caught Sebastian opening his gift I didn't wrap yet! and then he got excited about Kylan's gift and put it up!! So when i got my gift today I opened it and wrapped the box! So we can still act surprised on Christmas.. and a tree looks like we have alot! lol

This is one of the few I will frame! So pretty how you can see all the colors and details! Love it!

Well Hope you all have a Happy and Merry Christmas.
God Bless!

Monday, December 7, 2009

I've been playing around with some pictures here's some current ones of Us and Kylan. The blues eyes are his real color, no enhancing at all!)
I also put together our Christmas card for this year, and a Digital QP at the end.

For those who have not heard yet, we will not be traveling up to Washington this year. Sad I know... but under financial circumstance we are unable to travel this year. So this is going to be our "1st" Christmas here in Idaho by our selves. What a great time to "Potty Train"!!!
Enjoy the pics!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

An Update...

So it's been very crazy around here!
Let me update everyone!
1st. Kylan, He had pink eye, then drank the pink eye drop stuff,luckily, it was a homeopathic kind so poison control said to drink 6oz. of milk or water. Then took him to doc to get antibiotics for his eye. (kept out of reach!) To days later, while i was at the "new moon" movie on Friday early afternoon, he was home with Grandpa Watt-Hayes and had been in his room jumping on his bed, and some how just his lip by biting through it when he hit the post! So when i got home it seemed okay, but when he woke up from his nap and i saw it better i just had the "mommy instinct" to take him to the doc. Well the doc we took him to said he'd need one stitch on the out side cause they don't do stitches, but he may need on on the outside of his lip, cause they don't stitch on the inside of the mouth( cause it heals fast) So we had to take to the ER to see what they'd want to do and make sure about it! and 5 doctor's later they said it wouldn't be worth it to have to sedate him for one stitch and that he's have a scar either way. So we were glad to here that, cause we didn't know how be able to watch him get a stitch or put him through that pain!
So I guess you pay for piece of mind! :)
He's is going great though! it healing well. :) I think i need to put padding on the walls! j/k

On a better note..
I had my holiday bazaar i attended this weekend it didn't do so well or any vendors. Which is bummer cause i was so excited about it! So my items are up on my etsy store! HERE

We also got our family photo's as well here they are..

Saturday, November 7, 2009

random photos

I took this one of Kylan today, thought it was very artsy! I love playing with photos on photo shop!
I also wanted to show off my adorbale Nice Siena (1) and Nephew Justin (3mo)
I also used photo shop on Justin's pupmkin patch photo, and Siena's pictures.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009

I hope everyone had a fun Halloween! We sure did at our house! We all dressed up, Sebastian was a "Golfer", I was a "Bunny", and Kylan was an "OWL". Sebastian handed out candy at home, and I took Kylan out around the block. We started letting him walk, but he wanted to go into every house! So i went and got the wagon! What a life savor!
"Kylan was so cute, he would walked up and knock on the door, and picked out his candy! then try to go inside or give them a hug! He couldn't say trick or treat, just thanks!
He had his first sucker too! he enjoyed that in his wagon ride! Overall he had alot of kids stop by the house, Kylan got a pumpkin full of candy! (for mom lol!) and we had a great and Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Our Pumpkins all carved...

We carved our pumpkins,Sebastian did the inside and I did the outside. they're all carved and ready for sat. Sebastian's is a Army tank.. Mines is Edward from Twilight, and Kylan's is an owl. I'll post more after Halloween.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pumpkin Patch 2009

On Sunday we took Kylan to the local (and i swear the only on opened on Sunday's!) It was such a beautiful warm fall day! And it was not crowded at all! We took Kylan's new wagon with us, that was fun for him and came in handy with the pumpkins!
We went through the corn maze, sat on the tractors, pet the animals, picked our pumpkins, and went on a hay ride! Kylan kept calling the pumpkin "ball" it was so cute.
We had a great family day! :)

Enjoy the pic's!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

My Birthday Boy...

Happy 2nd Birthday Kylan!

Wow hard to believe that Kylan is already 2! Time sure does fly by. He truly is our bundle of joy, we've been so blessed. Everyday is always a new adventure with him, good and bad! This last Sat. we had a small little party for him. Though some of the little kids couldn't make it due to colds he still had a great time! Kylan's Oma (my mom) and her boyfriend came down from Washington to celebrate with us. it was a great time. He sure loves his Oma!
This year is surely going to be an adventure for us... we are going to be tackling"Potty Training", he's talks alot... and we are starting to understand more what he is saying, Though it always sounds like a different language!! He is really into his cars... he loves them alot, and balls. 100% boy for sure!
Thanks for all the birthday wishes!
Here are some past and present pictures of Kylan to see how much he has changed!

Kylan Jaxon Born 10-12-07

Halloween at 2 1/2 weeks old
3 months old
When he turned one last year 2008

Owl party favors...
Oma got him a really cool jeep wagon! thanks oma xoxo
I tried to make "owl"cupcakes but they kinda look like trukey's! lol they were yummy!
Daddy helping blow out the candles
After he taste tested it one by one with his finger, he finally just picked it up!
We got hit the "evil canevil" mater car!
Happy 2nd Birthday family pic
Kylan, ken and oma.
Kylan had fun playing in the big box with daddy and mater
Kylan in his new shirt and vest from Auntie Nelle, Uncle Wade and Baby Justin! Love it!!!!

Thanks to all our family and friends. Have a great Day!