Friday, June 18, 2010

Give Forward...

Just post out to the blogger world, and our friends and family whom read our blog,

We all get so caught up in life, our routine's, playing, laughing, and such, and we think nothing could ever be better then it is now! But sadly for some, that day that they thought could never be better, just got worse with a huge sudden change, that will change your life's daily course for ever.

Sebastian's cousin Donavon his wife Melissa and there 5 wonderful children, received just that huge sudden change in there lives, Melissa has just recently found out she has stage 4 Astro Glyoblastoma Multiforme (I hope I spelled this correctly). It is a rare type of brain cancer especially in someone as young as she is; 33 years old.

They are a strong family and making every day a happy and memorable day through this hard time. they need and help they can for her to go to Florida for treatment.

Please keep them in your prayers and thoughts, more info can be found HERE were they are taking donations.

Thanks for reading this post.

Picture Over Load....

Okay so alot has bee going on around here!

My youngest sister got married, I turned 27 on the 27th!, I got a job at JCPenny's salon, kylan's been enjoying daycare, and is doing great in speech therapy as well as his pre-school class (toddler program) he had alot of fun with his cousins siena and justin at the wedding, and seein all the family! and sebastian's been hard at work, as well as getting our yard in order!
so i"ll let you enjoy this fun pics!