Friday, June 20, 2008


We thought it would be fun to all go to the Golfing Range and hit some balls! its was alot of fun and a perfect day! Kylans first time at the golf coarse! Sebastian was the only one hitting them far!! lol.. but with some more practice i could be alot better!

Happy Fathers Day!

Hope all you Father's out there had a wonderful day! This was Sebastian's first father's day! Sebastian is such an Amazing father to Kylan, He adores and loves him so much! I remember the day i told im we here having a boy, how proud and excited he was! Im so greatful to have Sebastian in our lives. He is Father,Boyfriend,Best Friend,Hero,and the love of my life! I love You Bass!
We spent our day at the local water park here in Idaho! Roaring Springs!!! Sebastian's sister Renee was here visiting with us, as well as a close friend of Bass's from Oregon, Ashely. It was alot of fun! what a great way to spend a nice warm father's day! We then had a BBQ afterwards... as well ass busting out the Aloe!!! We all got some sun! i got it the worst of course, i was sun burnt pretty bad! :( but thanks the vinager it took most the pain away!
Here are some pictures! enjoy! TFL :)
For Father's day i got bass and kylan matching boise state football tee-shirts!
they wore to the Boise Burn indoor football game!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cherish the Moments

Im so excited to be able to sale my scrapbooking crafts! and the local mall in Nampa, Idaho. its a store called Under the Rainbow, and you rent a booth/area, and you can sale whatever you want! so here is what i have so far... not much when you lay it all out.. but once the holidays start coming up... it will be busy! I hope it does well and that people like my work! TFL :)

Kylan 8 mo.

Kylan is 8mo old and has two teeth! and is getting ahang of crawling! we had a picnic by the river on sunday. it was so beautiful and warm. we went for a drive as well to a place called Hidden Springs.. Its like Pleasentville! We want to live there! :) Some day thou! Enjoy the pictures! TFL:)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Digital Scrappin

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Discover Gods Greatest Blessings

This is a Frame I altered ."Discover God's Greatest Blessings" I used 29th st. paper. I loved using the blue's, brown's, and some green together. Another class idea. TFL :)

Beautiful LIfe

I Saw this wall hanging on Heather Mellstroms Blog and i just loved the idea. Her's was a little different thou, with magnets. I just used chipboard, CosmoCricket Paper,Maya Road chipboard trees and birds, button and flowers. it was really east and alot of fun.! Possibly and idea for one of my classes.!! TFL! Thanks Heather.. check out her blog. she is amazing !