Monday, July 27, 2009

Yeah .... Baby Justin arrived----and WA trip...

Wow its been a long time!
So lets get updated! Kylan and I have been in Washington at my mom's and sister's over the past few weeks... We drove up Friday the 10th because she was due on the 14th... well that didn't happen! Baby Justin was not ready to come out to visit us yet! In the mean time of waiting for him to arrive we were able to help her get her house ready, see my one of my best friends and meet her baby girl! As well as kylan getting in some good O'l Oma time!
Finally Justin decided he wanted to come out meet everyone on the day they were planing to induce! Friday the 24th at 2:11am , 10 days late and 24 hours of labor, he was finally here! Justin Thomas Curtis arrive weighing in at 10.1 lbs and 22 in. long! "Big boy"!!!
Jenelle did so well and hung in there till it was all over!
Congrats to my beautiful sister jenelle and wade on there Handsome baby boy!
Enjoy the pictures!

Justin Thomas Curtis
Not so happy here!
Justin with his Fav. Aunitie Natalie! (me)
Proud new daddy!
Mama and Baby
Before he arrived
Kylan at the mall play ground area.. he loves this place!
Getting all wet with Oma
Watering the plants is oma
At the park with Uncle Taylor
Trying to get uncle taylor to let him out!
Had way to much fun in the water.. he was so mad when he had to go!
In front of the big fire truck
We got to sit in side the big fire truck!
Kylan got a giraffe balloon at the sat. market!
Kylan, Me, Merica, and Jayla
Me and the kido's!
Jason, Jayla, and Kylan, and Merica's sister.
Jayla 4mo old and Merica
Kylan being a goof ball
He loves to give hugs to everyone!

Kylan and his Oma
He loves the park!

We are so happy to be able to go to Washington and be with our family and for the birth of Justin! But we are so glad to be home. There's nothing like our own space and BED!! Plus we really really missed Daddy! (Sebastian) I know he was missing us alot too!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pictures and a Project.....

Hope everyone had a fantastic 4th of July! We sure did! Sebastian's Dad and Cousin were able to be here and spend this day of Independence with us. We had a BBQ at my friend's house with her family, Then we headed to Melba,ID for the fireworks show. We all had a fun and great day!

I also was able to put together a shadow box type collage for Sebastian and his family. They came to America from South Africa 15years ago. When Marcus went back to visit he had kept some African Money to show us. I wanted to put these in a frame to preserve them and also make this a Heritage memory for Kylan.
The flag is a patch of South Africa's Old flag as well.
I used my Circut mach. to cut the letters, map, and tree. I added photos of past present and future.

Hope you all enjoyed your holiday and your week!