Monday, July 28, 2008

Kylan's Messy Face

When i was running around the other day Kylan was crabby so i gave him some of his graham cracker things to keep him quiet while i was driving, well when i got home and saw that he was sleeping, i couldn't help but take a pic while he was sleeping! and then he woke up ! lol.. What a mess too!!

My Scrappy Corner!!!

So all weekend I have been working on my Scrapbook/Craft area, i get this part of the room! So Sebastian has been on me about my little mess's and not as organized and always wants me to but things in the closet.. but i have to have them close and in front of me or i will forget about stuff, and have to buy more! lol..
So what i did was spray paint the white plastic bins i had and an old shelve black to match my desk, then i Bought the paper shelves at office max on clearance for $10 bucks each!! and got some baskets at joann's on sale too. so put it all together and Wha-la!! Sebastian was very pleased and happy.. as well as myself! :) I wish i could have my very own room, and have it all decked out like some i have seen! but that wont be for a long time so this is perfect for me now!
Thanks for checking it out.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Reflection Layout

I've been wanting to do this Layout ever since I took this picture. This Picture was taken down by the Boise River. We went for a family drive and had a picnic there here! It was such a great day and took this Picture of the two loves of my life! This is one of my favorite so far of them!
I used basic grey paper, sewing machine, buttons, inked edges with brown, chipboard and some other embellishments that i had around.
Thanks for looking :) Im Trying to do more LO's! I tent to put them off and do other projects. Prob. cause i tent to be a perfectionist with my layouts. ENJOY!!
The Quote thing says.." To be a child is to know the fun of living, To have a child is to know the beauty of life."

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Project...

I've started a big Project yesterday! I am scraping my Sisters trip to NY. Her and her boyfriend wen there for Valentines day! She sent LOTS of pictures.... so its going to be a big But looks through all the pictures I really want to go there even more now. and looking at the pictures from The World Trade Center, "Ground Zero" It brought a tears to my heart, it was kinda weird seeing actual pics from there! anyways, I'll have to ask her if i can post some pages.
Hope Ya'll are having a great summer! :)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Triple the Sketch Challenge

"Triple the Sketch" - CHA Special Sketch. Mt Layout for the Challenge. Check it out at Thanks for looking!

I used Rhonna Farrer paper, Basic Grey Paper and Letters, my sewing machine, and i inked the edges with white and brown, as well as some floral embellishments.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A few Goodies....

Here is a Menu Board I made for every night of the week, inspired by Heather Mellstrum! This is a dry erase paper i used! So much easier to go grocery shopping when you plan out your meals.. and you don't always have to ask.. " What's for Dinner?"!!!
I also have been working on making purses! That has been alot of fun as well as a good challenge. So here is one.. that i actually like and feel i did a good job on!
Thanks for looking... Enjoy!

Happy Birthday Sebastian!

This is the card i made for Sebastian. Monday is his "28th" Birthday! He is such and amazing Boyfriend, Father "da da" and Best Friend. Hope you have a great day honey!! We Love You.. xoxo

4th of July

Okay so i am just now posing some pictures from the 4th of July! I surprisingly didn't take very many we were just having to much fun i guess! lol. Well enjoy these pictures!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Just an update!

Well i haven't been doing much crating! Sad I know... But after Sebastian's Family left Kylan got his first cold. I was wondering if he would get sick, cause Sebastian was sick for a few days, and his sister that came to visit was a little congested too. so i was hoping he wouldn't but... he did! But he is a little trooper for his first cold at 8 1/2 months. After a few sleepless nights...vicks..tylanol..and lots of TLC! he was back crawling around everywhere! :)
But then I got sick the worst of them all.. its day 6 and still fightin it off.. But what can you do! im just lucky that Sebastian was here to help out alot... so i could rest!!! I love you baby!
But i have a few projects im working on! so i will post them soon! TFL :)