Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Job!!! and More...

I started my New job today! I will be working at the Smart Style a Regis owned Salon at the Wal-Mart in Ontario,OR. So if anyone you know lives by come see me!! :) It went very good today, i think it will be great for now, and it was nice making some tips! But its very nice to be working again I haven't worked for 1 year!!! it will be part time and Kylan will be in daycare starting next week! and they have a son the same age as him so that will be fun for them!
ON top of the new job we just got back from out trip from Portland and Washington, it was great to see all our friends and family, very busy... my sis had her baby shower in Tacoma, It turned out fantastic, and she looked great! She looked like me at 8 mo! but i guess we our twins! lol
And on top of that we are moving this weekend starting tomorrow! with nothing packed so far! lol.. thats what i should be doing now! lol... but luckily it's not to far down the road! well hope everyone has a great labor day weekend!
Natalie :)
Here are some pics of the weekend! ENJOY!

Kylan With his new toy from Aunt Sian and Cousin Hatious! to help him walk.

The Diaper Cake i made for Melanie, the flowers are the baby hair clips i made!!

My Grandma, Mom, Melanie, Me, and Jenelle! Sorry Lindsey! We missed you!

Kylan loved this mirror and himself! lol...

Kylan at he park!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kylans Hair Cut

Kylan Getting a hair cut, Before and after Photos! Lots of Cookies to for him to hold still! lol.. This is actually his 2nd hair cut at 10mo!
As well as some pictures from the Art and Crafts Fair In Nampa. I was really wishing i had a booth there! maybe next year!!

Wow its been to long! Sorry

Okay so it was been way to long for a post!!! My Bad!! I've been crazy busy working on 2 separate scrapbooks for my sisters, Getting my sis baby shower gifts ready, and we just signed our lease for our new home! We are moving Sept. 1st!!! I'll post a picture later.
So anyways.. i thought i'd show you what i made my sis for her shower, i dont think she checks my blog as much as i would like her too! lol j/k, i already told her what i made, no big deal!
I made 6 baby girl clips, a ladybug wall hanging that you can put pictures on with magnets, and i will be doing the diaper cake when i get there next week! can't really bring that on the plane!! The saying on the wall hanging says "With a butterfly kiss, a ladybug hug, sleep tight little one,like a bug in a rug." And this was the right time using the KraftKote Gloss, so i didn't realize it would show where i put the lettering, so oh well! i learned. it doesn't look bad i hope???