Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wow its been to long! Sorry

Okay so it was been way to long for a post!!! My Bad!! I've been crazy busy working on 2 separate scrapbooks for my sisters, Getting my sis baby shower gifts ready, and we just signed our lease for our new home! We are moving Sept. 1st!!! I'll post a picture later.
So anyways.. i thought i'd show you what i made my sis for her shower, i dont think she checks my blog as much as i would like her too! lol j/k, i already told her what i made, no big deal!
I made 6 baby girl clips, a ladybug wall hanging that you can put pictures on with magnets, and i will be doing the diaper cake when i get there next week! can't really bring that on the plane!! The saying on the wall hanging says "With a butterfly kiss, a ladybug hug, sleep tight little one,like a bug in a rug." And this was the right time using the KraftKote Gloss, so i didn't realize it would show where i put the lettering, so oh well! i learned. it doesn't look bad i hope???

2 Left Some Love!:

Johansen Family said...

nice work!! Everything looks great!

Anonymous said...

Love it all! Looks so cute! :)