Monday, January 26, 2009


I was on the PBK (Pottery Barn Kids) web site the other day and I saw this Adorable Shadow Box with 12 frames in side for each month of baby's first year... and I just loved it... well they wanted something like 270 dollars or some outrageous amount.. and of course it's me and I'm like i can make that! ...SO I DID!! Here is my version of it!

Altered Boat....

Sebastian and I both really like the outdoorsy/ cabin feel/look to our home as much as we can! He loves sails boats/ fishing, so when i was at Micheal's I came across this "Awesome" Boat that i could alter with my own touch for a house decor for our home!
What a Success! I totally forgot to take a before pic before i painted it! but it was just all wood! you get the idea!
I painted it, then i destressed it to make it look more worn/vinage like. And added some photos and such! this is what i came up with!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Altered Birthday Book...

I finally finished this Birthday book for Kylan's 1st Birthday! Good thing he's only one and doesn't know how late he's getting it! :) lol...
His Birthday was Oct. 12th and we were up in Washington at my mom's waiting for my twin sis to have her baby! She had her baby on the 9th! Kylan and Siena are almost exactly one year apart! how crazy... We're just glad it wasn't the same day!!!
SO enjoy.. sorry so many pictures!
Have a great day! I'm off to try to learn how to do some Digi Scrappin with my new Photo Shop!! fun fun.... :)

Unity {heart} Card....

I made this card for the Unity Challenge on Thursday... But my computer/ internet server was not letting me upload it at all! Bummer! SOo.... Now that it's working i uploaded it to my blog for everyone to see...

Monday, January 12, 2009

I've been Awarded!

Wow! I have been awarded the "One Lovely Blog" award from Jacqueline Wow I am sooo honored!!! You rock!
I am so HAPPY all of you visit my blog and like what I make!! Yay!
So the rules are:
Post this Award
Link back to the ladies who give it to you
Nominate 7 deserving ladies!
Leave them a comment you awarded them
1. Chelsea
2. Patter
3. Kimberly
4. Lindsey
5. Sarah
6. Jessica
7. Melanie
Thanks for this fun award!!!
Hope all you ladies enjoy it too!
Have a Fabulous Day!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Some New Pic's and Layout!...

Here are some new pictures of Kylan, the first one is when Sebastian's Best Friend Damian came to visit over new year's and got Kylan this cute Adidas outfit, he look like a little balla! with Uncle Damian's cell phone he love to play with!
Second pic is for his Uncle Wade! Got him that hat a while ago from Cabella's Him and Sebastian are big hunters! and really into camo! He looked like a little hunter yesterday i had to post it for Uncle Wade! Oh and Kylan loves to get into all the cupboards he's only allowed to get into his! lol
And Last is a Layout I made...FINALLY I know! I really love basic grey products! and Unity stamps!
Still working on a project will post when done soon!
Thanks for looking.. :)