Wednesday, September 23, 2009


So i caught Kylan doing this.....
He climbed up on this not so sturdy top, and took out the wipes one.. while rockin out to "move it move it" from Madagascar 2.

Then the day before he climbed into the toy basket and couldn't get out..

Good thing mommy came to the rescue with a camera in hand!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Please Vote...

okay so I entered kylan's picture in to a baby photo contest for a huge photo canvas! something i've always wanted... I thought it would be fun to try to win one. But of course they go by the most votes!

So we need your VOTES!!

You can vote every day, every 24hrs from your last vote.
You can also get 2 votes in one day by using firefox and then explorer!
or if you have web on your cell!

So please vote! contest ends the 30th!!!

Here is the link Big Family Photo vote now on see all entrys in most voted
3.then look for KYLAN JAXON MAYNES


Saturday, September 12, 2009

So Kylan has been on this no nap thing for 4 days now! and the other night this was a result of no naps at dinner time. My video ran out of memory at the end. (which he fell asleep again!)
Enjoy this funny video clip!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Our trip to Utah...

We drove down to Utah over Labor Day weekend, for the "Day" Family Reunion. (My dads side of the family/My great grandparents Henry and Effie Day) Also Sat. the 5th was my dads 55th Birthday!. It was alot of fun to see all my family and for them to meet Sebastian and Kylan. Sebastian was able to spend some time with his friends as well.
Here are some pictures of our time in Utah.

I also want to Thank Sebastian for the 7 years he served our country. He truly is my hero. I love you babe! "Home of the Free, Because of the Brave." Thanks for all who have served our country! (In remembrance of 9/11)

My Dads birthday BBQ
Matching So. African Rugby shirts!
Our present to dad!
Kylan helping Grandpa open his gift.
My Grandpa Maynes and his wife Norma
Great Grandpa Maynes and Kylan (4th generation)
Sebastian stapling/helping
The guys helping my dad hang up the sun shade
Mikayle making sure they don't mess up!
Jon helping! handing the stapler back and forth!
Kylan playing baseball
The cheering crowd..
Mommy and Kylan
Bass making a nice hit!
Kylan's soon to be step-cousin (jon's daughter) Mikayle
Kylan and his auntie Lindsey
Kylan loves to give kisses!
Sebastian and I

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Photo Shoot....

What a great day for a "Photo Shoot"!!
As some of you may know that Kylan is going to be turning
"2" next month on 12th of Oct. So we needed some pictures of him! I was lucky to get a few handfuls of some good ones! Taking pictures of a two year old boy is not always easy!
We just went out side our house and brought his car with us!
The trick toward the end to make him smile and not have a fit was to make "farting" sounds! no-joke... he was busting up! (what ever works right!)
So I've touched up my top faves. for you all to see!
p.s. Oh i made the necktie too!