Monday, February 23, 2009

Visiting Family

Hello Everyone!
Well Kylan and I have been at my Moms house in Washington, We were able to come early with "Papa" Marcus on his way home to Oregon! We were suppose to come at the end of the month but we got lucky and came up the 13th to hang out with family. We've been very bust Since we've been here... with family, shopping,play dates, pizza party, even the ZOO!!!
Our Zoo back in Boise is not nearly as big as the Portland zoo. It was alot of fun! We were able to go with Auntie's Jenelle and Melanie, Cousin Siena, and my best friend Merica and Jason, whom are due to have there baby girl on he 25th!! (we hope) So We got the preggos (merica and jenelle) walking all day!!
We saw lots of fun animals and the ape loved Kylan as well! There was a tour guide that said the this ape loved kids and will go right to the window to them, so i put kylan down to see, and before kylan realized that the ape was next to him he was flirting with this little girl! then he saw the monkey! :) it was so funny!!
We've also had alot of fun hanging out with little Siena! She is so tiny and adorable... I think Kylan may need a baby sis or bro! lol hehehe
So we have one more week here then we will return home to see Daddy!!! (yeah!) We miss him alot! He was unable to come out this trip, but for sure this summer when Jenelle has here baby BOY!!! oh I forgot to mention they're having a BOY!!! yeah!
Anyways.. here are some pics of this week!
oh and for those family and friends who check our blog.... Leave a message so we know you stopped by.. we love to hear from you!
Have a great day!
****Im Having issue's uploading pics right now.. i was able to get one uploaded. Will post the rest when it will let me!

This is Kylan and Haley playing.

Friday, February 13, 2009

New Cards...

Here's some new cards that i've made but havent posted yet.