Monday, July 28, 2008

My Scrappy Corner!!!

So all weekend I have been working on my Scrapbook/Craft area, i get this part of the room! So Sebastian has been on me about my little mess's and not as organized and always wants me to but things in the closet.. but i have to have them close and in front of me or i will forget about stuff, and have to buy more! lol..
So what i did was spray paint the white plastic bins i had and an old shelve black to match my desk, then i Bought the paper shelves at office max on clearance for $10 bucks each!! and got some baskets at joann's on sale too. so put it all together and Wha-la!! Sebastian was very pleased and happy.. as well as myself! :) I wish i could have my very own room, and have it all decked out like some i have seen! but that wont be for a long time so this is perfect for me now!
Thanks for checking it out.

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The Gustafson Family said...

Hi Natalie, I just started scrapbooking! I love it and can see how you need so much's can be very addicting buying all the cutest things for the scrapbook. I am making a 12 month book for Nicholas. I already did 6 pages and had to stop myself so I can put in some photos as he gets older! Your page is so cute and I'm glad you're doing so well!