Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Just an update!

Well i haven't been doing much crating! Sad I know... But after Sebastian's Family left Kylan got his first cold. I was wondering if he would get sick, cause Sebastian was sick for a few days, and his sister that came to visit was a little congested too. so i was hoping he wouldn't but... he did! But he is a little trooper for his first cold at 8 1/2 months. After a few sleepless nights...vicks..tylanol..and lots of TLC! he was back crawling around everywhere! :)
But then I got sick the worst of them all.. its day 6 and still fightin it off.. But what can you do! im just lucky that Sebastian was here to help out alot... so i could rest!!! I love you baby!
But i have a few projects im working on! so i will post them soon! TFL :)

1 Left Some Love!:

Johansen Family said...

You are lucky that he hasn't gotten a cold until now! WOW!! Haven had his first ear infection at 3 months!