Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!

Hope all you Father's out there had a wonderful day! This was Sebastian's first father's day! Sebastian is such an Amazing father to Kylan, He adores and loves him so much! I remember the day i told im we here having a boy, how proud and excited he was! Im so greatful to have Sebastian in our lives. He is Father,Boyfriend,Best Friend,Hero,and the love of my life! I love You Bass!
We spent our day at the local water park here in Idaho! Roaring Springs!!! Sebastian's sister Renee was here visiting with us, as well as a close friend of Bass's from Oregon, Ashely. It was alot of fun! what a great way to spend a nice warm father's day! We then had a BBQ afterwards... as well ass busting out the Aloe!!! We all got some sun! i got it the worst of course, i was sun burnt pretty bad! :( but thanks the vinager it took most the pain away!
Here are some pictures! enjoy! TFL :)
For Father's day i got bass and kylan matching boise state football tee-shirts!
they wore to the Boise Burn indoor football game!

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HapEMomE said...

Looks like fun! Hey, how are your items doing at your booth? Getting any sales :)