Monday, December 21, 2009

Our Christmas Tree 2009

Hello Family and Friends!

Here are some picture's of our tree and my Peacock ornament I got this year! I truly love it..Its so pretty. I've always loved the colors of peacocks and admired there beauty, but it wasn't until I've been helping my sis with some wedding stuff that i was all the sudden obsessed lately! and it the colors happen to match my tree!
So it was only natural that I take a photo of the pretty peacock!
and then I'm also obsessed with my Corel Paint Shop ProX2 program!
I also took some up close photos of the tail that i am going to frame a few of them. To help add some color to our cream walls! (renting walls)

Yes are tree is only 6ft tall!!

Oh and three of those gifts are empty boxes! Because 1st I caught Sebastian opening his gift I didn't wrap yet! and then he got excited about Kylan's gift and put it up!! So when i got my gift today I opened it and wrapped the box! So we can still act surprised on Christmas.. and a tree looks like we have alot! lol

This is one of the few I will frame! So pretty how you can see all the colors and details! Love it!

Well Hope you all have a Happy and Merry Christmas.
God Bless!

3 Left Some Love!:

Melissa and Jessie said...

Beautiful tree! Yes the kids do need to play. I guess that we can all get together in May, if not any time before then, right? anyway, Love ya lots! Merry Christmas.

Al and Nick said...

The tree is so gorgeous such a new spin on a christmas tree! You have mad skills girly. Merry Christmas!!!

Johansen Family said...

I got your card also! Your family is very cute! My friend took our family pictures for us.