Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009

I hope everyone had a fun Halloween! We sure did at our house! We all dressed up, Sebastian was a "Golfer", I was a "Bunny", and Kylan was an "OWL". Sebastian handed out candy at home, and I took Kylan out around the block. We started letting him walk, but he wanted to go into every house! So i went and got the wagon! What a life savor!
"Kylan was so cute, he would walked up and knock on the door, and picked out his candy! then try to go inside or give them a hug! He couldn't say trick or treat, just thanks!
He had his first sucker too! he enjoyed that in his wagon ride! Overall he had alot of kids stop by the house, Kylan got a pumpkin full of candy! (for mom lol!) and we had a great and Happy Halloween!

3 Left Some Love!:

Melissa and Jessie said...

Look at you sexy bunny! You guys are so cute. Word on the candy thing BTW, I think I ate more of jessie's than she did!

Stevens1007 said...


Chelsea - Wait for the Lord Cards leader said...

Cute pics! I love Kylan's owl costume!