Tuesday, November 24, 2009

An Update...

So it's been very crazy around here!
Let me update everyone!
1st. Kylan, He had pink eye, then drank the pink eye drop stuff,luckily, it was a homeopathic kind so poison control said to drink 6oz. of milk or water. Then took him to doc to get antibiotics for his eye. (kept out of reach!) To days later, while i was at the "new moon" movie on Friday early afternoon, he was home with Grandpa Watt-Hayes and had been in his room jumping on his bed, and some how just his lip by biting through it when he hit the post! So when i got home it seemed okay, but when he woke up from his nap and i saw it better i just had the "mommy instinct" to take him to the doc. Well the doc we took him to said he'd need one stitch on the out side cause they don't do stitches, but he may need on on the outside of his lip, cause they don't stitch on the inside of the mouth( cause it heals fast) So we had to take to the ER to see what they'd want to do and make sure about it! and 5 doctor's later they said it wouldn't be worth it to have to sedate him for one stitch and that he's have a scar either way. So we were glad to here that, cause we didn't know how be able to watch him get a stitch or put him through that pain!
So I guess you pay for piece of mind! :)
He's is going great though! it healing well. :) I think i need to put padding on the walls! j/k

On a better note..
I had my holiday bazaar i attended this weekend it didn't do so well or any vendors. Which is bummer cause i was so excited about it! So my items are up on my etsy store! HERE

We also got our family photo's as well here they are..

1 Left Some Love!:

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Kylan's lip :( But, thats what boys do! lol... what's a boy without a scar, right? :)
Super cute pics!!