Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pumpkin Patch 2009

On Sunday we took Kylan to the local (and i swear the only on opened on Sunday's!) It was such a beautiful warm fall day! And it was not crowded at all! We took Kylan's new wagon with us, that was fun for him and came in handy with the pumpkins!
We went through the corn maze, sat on the tractors, pet the animals, picked our pumpkins, and went on a hay ride! Kylan kept calling the pumpkin "ball" it was so cute.
We had a great family day! :)

Enjoy the pic's!!

3 Left Some Love!:

Becky said...

HEy! that looks like so much fun.. What patch is it? We are trying to find one to take the kids to. :)

Chelsea - Wait for the Lord Cards leader said...

Wow! What beautiful pics!!!! So cute! Haley called them "pompoms" last year :) hehe...

Melissa and Jessie said...

Hey, I love the fall pics. Kylan looks like a full on little man. I love your cute little family. Love ya!