Monday, June 22, 2009

Silver City, Idaho

So I totally thought i posted these pictures of our day trip to Silver City but i guess i haven't yet! Silly me!
On May 23,09 While Marcus was stopping in, we went to Silver City, Idaho, its about 45 min or so away from were we live. It is an historic old mining town. It was so neat to see all the same buildings there and be able to freely walk around.
The hotel that you could stay at is still up and running there is no electricity, they also call it a ghost town. they're not open in the winter cause the pass is usually closed off with lots of snow!
Here are some pics of a great day!
Sorry lots of pictures!

On our way!
Getting ready to go!

Only in Idaho...a Gypsy cart/wagon!
It was really on the high way too..
Sebastian loved this picture, it has Wyatt Eurp,Doc Holiay, T. Roosevelt, and others in it.
It was hanging on the wall in the Hotel
An antique fortune telling machine.
An antique slot machine.
The telegram station
The saloon. All original stuff in this room.
Me at the piano.
I thought this was neat.
Such an awesome very vintage dress!
I love this pic of my two guys!
This is a pic I took..not a painting! Idaho does have beauty!
So funny! but really the only potty's out there!
A view of the city from one of the trails.
The cemetery. Which was so sad, cause they were all so young, and kids too.
Another fav. picture i love.
Cute little house.
3 Generations of Watt-Hayes boys!
Park and horse shoe area to play.
Kylan selecting from the menu at the hotel.
Mommy and Kylan at the hotel.
Us in front or the historic hotel
The hotel, lots of riders come up and camp here and ride in the hills.
The hotel survived a fire. some odd years ago.
My sweet boy! Yes we need a carrier!
The school
Another favorite picture!
Looking through the peep hole of the church to see the stained glass art.
The church on the hill.
Back side of hotel and view of the city. (what's still left)
Self family photo!
The left over snow from the winter!

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HapEMomE said...

Cool pics!!! Gosh, we need to get out and go camping or something. Life gets so busy, we have to remember to get out and breath. It is so refreshing. Kylan is such a cutie. TFS!