Monday, June 22, 2009

Catching up....

Hi Everyone!
Well its been a while since i have posted ANYTHING I know! Alot has been going on!
1. potty training = no fun, and lots of consistency!
2. Birthday's,Mother's Day, Father's Day, Sisters Baby Shower.
3. Sebastian's Dad stopped in with Sebastian's cousin Natalie from South Africa.
4. Yard work, Our Ryboi edger died (not our fault), had to buy a new one,and then we decided to get the lawn mower fixed as well, and when i went to pick it up, and after paying... It was not our mower! they had some how got the tags switched!!!! The next day, they said they think they found it, but we'll see when i pick it up today! What a mess!

Here are some Pictures as well! sorry not much scrapping/crafting for ya! but i am working on it!!

Have a great day!

Kylan is 20 months!
Silly boy!
Discovered how to go down on his tummy!
He got him his new bed a few weeks ago, he loves his bed!
At our neighbor's softball game.
Mowing the lawn with our neighbor's mower!
Marcus (grandpa), Natalie (cousin), Sebastian and Kylan.
Happy Father's Day! Kylan can only handle so many pic's! he does not hold still!

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Anonymous said...

These are such adorable pics! Hey, thanks for the sweet comment on my blog... miss ya around here, ya know.