Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Birthday/Family Visit

Kylan's New Car.. it has peddles too!

Us at Boondocks golfing

Sebastian Carried Kylan the whole time!

Uncle Taylor wanted to try out the carrier...Auntie Mel smoochin kylan

All the Boys! Uncle Wade and Kylan
Kylan and "Oma" my mom

Hey Dad!
My New Ride!
Kyaln's new hat from Uncle Wade... from Cabella's.
Auntie Jenelle and Kylan

Well I Got Another part time job! Its at a scrapbook store called the PaperCottage! Im so excited. I am going to be an instructor.....Just on Sat. right now! Im so excited!!
This weekend my family also came into town to visit over the memorial day weekend. It was alot of fun. We also celebrated Melanie and I's "25th" Birthday. Which was on Tuesday. We did some shopping, cooking, games,bbq, and mini golf. It was really nice and fun to spend time with my family. They couldn't believe how big Kylan is getting so fast! They also brought down from washington with them Kylans new car!! My mom's friend got it for him. its so awesome!! Here are some pic's from the weekend! enjoy.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

my sweet pea

My Sweet Baby Boy! He just turned 7mo.!

He is sitting up so well now.
His play area in when mom is working on crafts, and on the computer!

His tooth is almost in..... its sharp!
Relaxing while watching a movie.
Just went skinny dippin in the pool before bed time!!!

New Items for store

SO...I thought I would post a few things I have made for my craft s to sale in a store..
I have alot of ideas and great things in the works, but here's a few cards and and photo frame. Enjoy!
The them for the Photo frame is "Love of my Life". And for the cards i wanted to use more stamps, cause i dont use them as much as i use too! so i had fun using the and cutting and making them pop out more! thanks for looking. let me know what you think?

Monday, May 5, 2008

Just an Update...

I just wanted to update my blog... So the other day i went into this craft store that you rent your own spot for a monthly fee and you get 100% on all your craft items that you sale. So i talked to the manager about selling some cards,albums, etc things i've made to sale. and she said that there should be some openings in June! And pretty sure i can get in! so i am very excited about that.. i've been brain storming new ideas, and am getting started to get some scrapin' done! Im very excited about this.. the manager seemed really excited about the cards cause they don't currently have any in the store, and they've been needing some! :) Also It will be great to make some extra money doing what i love to do! :) YEAH!!!!
Thanks for checkin' out my blog! Have a great day!