Monday, May 5, 2008

Just an Update...

I just wanted to update my blog... So the other day i went into this craft store that you rent your own spot for a monthly fee and you get 100% on all your craft items that you sale. So i talked to the manager about selling some cards,albums, etc things i've made to sale. and she said that there should be some openings in June! And pretty sure i can get in! so i am very excited about that.. i've been brain storming new ideas, and am getting started to get some scrapin' done! Im very excited about this.. the manager seemed really excited about the cards cause they don't currently have any in the store, and they've been needing some! :) Also It will be great to make some extra money doing what i love to do! :) YEAH!!!!
Thanks for checkin' out my blog! Have a great day!

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HapEMomE said...

That is so cool! I wish I could do that...I have quite a few cards I have created and wont be using them myself. Maybe it is time to hunt for a place that would sell them?
Very cool about your stuff! Good luck!