Thursday, April 3, 2008

Utah Trip

Kylan's Car Ride Photo Shoot!
Hey! Blue Eyes!
Yeah! Baby!Yeah!

In Aunt Elissa's Pool! He was a little froggy!
Kylan's Baby Blessing.
My Dad's Race, he got 2nd in his age group...(50+) Group Photo.
Four Generations's of Maynes'.
Kylan and I Drove down to Utah to visit family. We had an 80th birthday party from my grandpa, a blessing for kylan, and my dad and uncle eric had a race. It was an eventful weekend in St.Geoerge. It was alot of fun to see and hang out with all the family. And sadly it was Lindsey's last time in utah for a while.... she and jon moved to St. Louis, MO. :( She is even further away now! But it will be fun to go visit here in her new neck of the woods! They're close to a 6 flags! lol Im really excited for them. Enjoy the pics. I have alot of scrapin' to do now!

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