Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Kylan is 6mo old!

Kylan turned 6mo on the 12th of April, So We thought it would be fun to have a family fun day! and it was really sunny and warm!! in the 70's! SO ... we went to the Boise Zoo... it was not as good as the Portland zoo by all means.. it was very small, all the animals were sleeping and hiding or something cause i didn't see very many animals for a zoo! it was under construction, they are building an African area. So there was NO elephants,giraffes, lions, polor bears, gorillas, rinos, it basically felt like a big farm! lol.. there was a zebra and tigers! lots of birds! so any ways the african area should be done October of this year! So i will defanitly be visiting the Portland or the Salt Lake Zoo this summer! :) but here are some pictures... Front Entrance Gate...
Always adorable....

Okay so after our 1 hour trip to the zoo! We were still wantig to be outside on this beautiful day. so we went to Boondocks! Which is a fun center kinda place, and played a round of mini- golf! that was alot of fun! have not done that in years. i lose of course... but we had a great time. Kylan and Mommy
Daddy and Kylan all ready to play
Kylan was pretty Tuckered out by the 16th hole!

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