Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Super Hero's

Kylan had a time with his cousin Hatious last weekend. They got new fire boots and super hero capes! And Sebastian got Hatious a superman costume for his 4th birthday that's coming up in April. He was so excited and didn't want to take it off.
It was a great weekend.
Here are some pictures of the boys...

There new Fire Boots..
My little super hero in training..
Ready to save the day..
Sebastian with his super hero's...
His boots are a little big on him!
So serious boys..
Super Man Hatious!
The capes I made for them! Super Fun!! and easy!

Have a great Easter weekend!

2 Left Some Love!:

Chelsea said...

LOVING all of your pictures! You sure are developing an eye for photography. K is so adorable! How are things going?

Al and Nick said...

Love it! I want to come play superheros!!!! Awesome!!