Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summer Fun!

Trying to get more on schedule with my blogging, I've been slacking lately. Sorry!!
We've been just hanging out and staying cool inside most the time, its so hard to be outside in 90 degree weather all the time! But we do try to get some sun for a little bit at a time!
We were lucky to find some great garage sale bargains for Kylan! for out back yard for him to play on, and we don't have to make it a big event to go to the park now!

Kylan is now 22 months!!! So crazy, time flies, but its fun to see all his emotions that he is figuring out! I'm use to it most the time ( his tantrums) But Sebastian doesn't see the whole day effect of him, until the other day, I went to my friends baby shower, and when I got home, Sebastian looked tired, frustrated, and annoyed! I asked him what was wrong, and he said he's never see Kylan so up and down with all his emotions and tantrums! (I think he was a little exhausted!lol) I told him, "Babe, that is usually how kylan is everyday!" We just laughed cause though it is a fun stage to watch Kylan go through it is also very exhausting at times! He is such an independent boy, who likes alot of attention, and knows how to play mom, when he is in trouble, and be so silly and goofy! We are loving every min and every day with our little man!

Kylan and our Neighbor Jaqualine on Buzz Lightyear ride.
At Jaqu's Birthday Kylan thought everyone what there for him when we walked in!
Kylan's new outdoor park!
love the slide
He invited ranger inside the playhouse to play!
making sure his is in!
He loves to open and close the door!
Go BSU!! getting ready for football season with dad!
relaxing on new swing!
Loves his own chair/swing!

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Looks like you guys are having such a fun summer!

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