Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Well what a HOT HOT weekend! It was in the mid-90's! this weekend! We went took Kylan to the park, because it was so nice and...... He went no.2 in the POTTY!! Yeah Kylan!! And that was day 3!!! With Daddy and Mommy's help of course! He hasn't gone since, but were hopeful, and we got some help from Elmo too! (potty dvd) He loves to play with his potty and try to stand on it, he thinks its a toy, but i think he is getting bruises either from climbing on it or from his slide, he's a boy! and climbing on EVERYTHING!
Some of you were asking how i did the leafs on my Layout from the Unity Blog Hop. It was a pre-cute page i bought from Micheal's in there Forest Friends line by ColorBok. Super cute pack!

Anyhoo! Here are some pictures of the weekend! Enjoy!

Also... Thanks for all the sweet comments from the Blog Hop! :)

Funny Boy!

Laughing with dad

That silly face again!

He didn't like the cold water! Its not like Bath time!

Monkey man


The slides were hot and fast!


Kylan loves the swings and slides!

He really does thing it is a toy to climb on and play with!

Wahoo Kylan..... You did it!!

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Jamee said...

your son is so adorable and your scrapbook layouts are awesome!