Sunday, April 19, 2009


Hello Everyone!

I have not posted in while! It's been busy around here! First of all We don't want to admit that we possibly have allergies! But it's very possible, and not fun at all, we have never had allergies before! and it sucks! :) and we think Kylan could have them too, i guess that's what happens when you live by farm land and dry climates or just Idaho!
So on top of the allergies, Kylan picked up a bad cough. We took him to the doc and got him some antibiotics to help, he's just toughing it out! poor guy.
So we haven't left the house in a week! but this next week looks more promising for a day at the park, and to the YMCA! :)

We Had a wonderful Easter this year! My twin sister Melanie and her little girl Siena came and stay with us for the weekend, and hen my dad and his wife came up too! We all had a great time, good weather, yummy food, and G &G got to spend time with the kidos! :) They sure love to spoil them too! Kylan and Siena both got super cute Easter alfits! (Thanks G&G Maynes) :)
Kylan had is first easter egg hunt. It took him a min or two to figure out why everyone is watching him pick up eggs. he seem to enjoy it. :) Each year gets better when they figure out more and more! :) Hope you all had a great Easter.
I will post pics when Blogger will let me!!! grrr....

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