Monday, December 22, 2008

Beautiful Chritmas Lights

Happy Holiday's Everyone!
I'm sure everyone is getting ready for Christmas or snowed in!! We left on Sunday to Utah to my dads for Christmas. I was snowing pretty good when we left but started to clear up as we got into Utah. Its been snowing here and really cold but were having a good time.
Sebastian and I were able to head to the temple square downtown tonight and see the pretty lights. It was REALLY cold! but beautiful!
Here are some pictures of us there on our little date! While "Grandpa and Grandma" watched Kylan!
More to come later this week! :)

2 Left Some Love!:

melanie said...

i forget how beautiful temple square is this time of year! that's so awesome you got to show sebastian. love you!

Johansen Family said...

LUCKY! I love going to see the lights at Temple Square!