Friday, October 17, 2008

I've been Tagged!!

Tagged: The Eights!

**8 favorite TV Shows:
1 -Greys Anatomy
2-One Tree Hill
3-The Hills
5-The Office
6-Dancing with the Stars
7-Brothers and Sisters
8-Desperate House Wives
**8 things I did yesterday:
1 -Feed and played with Kylan
4-Went to Micheal's Craft Store!
5-Started a new project for Christmas
6-Played with Kylan some more!!
7-Had a family dinner
8-Was up late on HIP HOP with Unity girls!!!
**8 Favorite Places to Eat:
1 -Jamba Juice!!!
3-Melting Pot
4-P.F. Changs
6-Olvie Garden
7-My Sister Jenelle's
8-Taco del mar
**8 things I am looking forward too:
1 - My Unity stamps to come in the mail!
2- Kylan to talk more
3-Next weeks T.V. shows!
4-Getting to work at the Christmas bazaar
5-Selling some of my crafts
6-Getting family photo this weekend
7-Taking Kylan to the pumpkin patch with Sebastian
8-Halloween with Kyaln all dressed up!
**8 things on my wish list:
1 -A new camera
2-A Cricket Machine
3-A job
4-Time to work out
5-Have all my family together for a reunion!
6-My jeep to stop breaking down!
7-New Jeans!
8-A manicure and pedicure
**8 People I tag:
1-Melanie Lopez
2-Chelsea Cook
3-Brittany Stevens
4-Anglea (i don't know your new last name?)
5-Lindsey Jensen
6-Jessica G.
7-My MOM!

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